EIFS Contractors

A general class of non-load bearing wall cladding systems

Why EIFS Insurance?

Due to the growing popularity of EIFS in home design for its energy efficiency, the need for proper Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems insurance increases. Our nationwide, non-admitted program is available for residential and commercial contractors.

Program Highlights
  • Nationwide Program (Non-Admitted)
  • Carrier Rated “A XV” by A.M. Best
  • $1,000,000 each Claim/$2,000,000 General Aggregate
  • Minimum Premium: $7,500
  • Minimum deductible: $5,000
  • Residential and Commercial Contractors Acceptable
Coverage Area
  • Nationwide Program
Submission Requirements
  • Acord Application
  • DUAL Supplemental
  • Loss Runs
  • Current Manufacturer’s Training Certifications
Classes of Business
  • Contractors that are Certified to Install Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems
  • Commercial and Residential Contractors
  • Claims Made Form Specifically for EIFS Coverage
Other Information
  • Up to a 3 Year Extended Reporting Period Available for Claims Made
  • Retro Date Inception Available on Renewal
  • $5,000 per Claim Deductible
  • $7,500 Minimum Premium
  • Condominium or Townhouse Work is Excluded (Apartments are Acceptable)
  • No Tract home new construction for over 40 dwellings

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