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DUAL Product Guide 2021

Download this brand new resource, our handy PDF overview of DUAL North America will help advise you about: 

  • Our risk appetite
  • Key contacts for each program
  • And the benefits of working with DUAL today 

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Hurricane and Flood Preparedness Guide

Storms, hurricanes, and flooding can happen when we least expect it. Make sure you're ready when disaster comes knocking. Our free guide will help you and your insureds learn:

  • Pre-storm precautions
  • Action items to follow
  • And what to do after danger strikes 

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DUAL Flood Success Stories

DUAL Flood Success Stories

Are you wondering how the DUAL Flood Program is tailored for your benefit? We’re putting our money where our mouth is with our new eBook of success stories. Download our free eBook to read real case studies where DUAL created a better outcome for our business partners.

What’s in this eBook?

  • Learn about the realities of the NFIP Program
  • How the Flood Insurance market is changing
  • Multiple real-life examples of smart Flood Insurance solutions from DUAL

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DUAL Flood Portal Introduction

DUAL Flood Portal Introduction

Were you unable to make one of our recent Flood Portal Webinars?

You’re in luck, we have it recorded for you!

We'll walk you through our online rater, at your own speed. Questions? Reach out to

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