Welcome to the New and Improved DUAL Website

Welcome to the New and Improved DUAL Website

It is our sincere pleasure to officially welcome you to DUAL North Commercial's brand new website. As you navigate the site you should notice things are pretty different, not only visually, but also content-wise. Everything from our homepage to our contact page has received a massive facelift to be more efficient, user-friendly and relevant to you. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting elements on our new website.

Insurance Resources

One of the most necessary and helpful areas of our website is our brand new “Resources” tab in the main navigation, which will hold all of our insightful and educational content. This where users will be able to read the newest press releases, eBooks, webinars, events and more. Even better, we’re giving these resources away for free, because DUAL is full of industry experts who want to share their knowledge. We have set this section up to be your one-stop-shop to answer all MGA, insurance, underwriting, and brokerage-related questions.  Make sure to subscribe to our emails; we will help you stay up to date on industry news, without ever being spammy.

Why take the time to give high-quality, intellectual content away for free, you ask? The insurance world is one of many industries that are arguably being left in the dust when it comes to the digital marketing transformation. DUAL knows that brokers and producers go online to research a company before partnering with them to do any business. In fact, 96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders. (Demand Gen Report, 2016) DUAL is excited to contribute to the conversation surrounding the MGA and insurance industry.

Detailed Programs

DUAL is a leading Specialty Program Manager in the Property and Casualty Marketplace with twelve core underwriting offices in North America alone. Since our programs are diverse and unique, our design team focused on creating product pages that will quickly answer your questions, allowing you to take more effective next steps.

All of the specifics are laid out in an easy to skim fashion such as each program’s coverage, limits, eligible property types, submission requirements, and more. However, if you still have questions, we’re happy to answer them on our “Contact Us” tab. Send in any inquiry and our experts will get back to you within 1-3 business days.

Efficient People Finder

For insurance professionals, it can be particularly frustrating when you are looking for someone or something specific and you can’t find it. At DUAL we understand, so our team built a streamlined contacts page instead of inundating you with information you don't need.

Now it's possible to sort by location, or program type and see on the map where that office is found. One main contact per each office and program will appear, allowing access to the right person to get your questions answered. No more wading through countless departments or locations. Bonus, when you’re looking for a program, the states where that coverage is available will appear green for your quick reference.

Adding Video

Raise your hand if you’d rather watch a high-quality video than read about something...you’re not alone! Did you know that 4X as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it according to Animoto?  Video is the preferred medium to communicate online, and for that reason, we’re adding video content to our online strategy and website.

We're adding videos like these to our strategy:

We are expanding our capabilities to stay on top of industry marketing trends and to help our prospects make smarter business decisions.

That’s certainly not all of the thoughts and new aspects of the site, but those are a few elements we’re particularly proud to share. Fresh design, impeccable user experience, and updated information are all crucial for business success; a website needs to do more than be a glorified online brochure. We hope our new site improves your insurance buying experience. Have any questions about the new website, DUAL North America, or our excellent programs? Send us a message. We’re happy to help.


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